Coshletters 0047


No missionary has ever been there, so far
as I know, before. - They had a feast
recently: a number of the Epang people
were there, + were nothing the better of
it. Three pigs wd hardly atone for the
vice that prevails on these occasions.

I was very highly pleased with my
visit to Lifu. You know there is a
French garrison there - A commandant
with some 50 soldiers, to keep the peace.
The French make bad colonists - they
are so prone to legislation, they seem never
so much in their element as in making
laws - They descend to the merest [xx trifles]
+ wd almost make laws to regulate the
process of eating dinner. - The soldiers are
kept hard at work building houses, felling
trees, making roads + digging wells. - So
that on the whole they are working [xx]
-movements on the island. - There are two
or more priests about - who are for ever
plotting against the French officers + the
Protestant missionaries. They resort to

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