Coshletters 0048


mean underhand ways of destroying their
neighbours' influence. The French are either
Roman Catholic or Infidel. - They tolerate
Protestant missionaries; i.e. they allow them
to preach + work among the natives. They
prohibit the natives from leaving their own
island; they impose tribute in the form of
compulsory labour so many days a year.

Mr Macfarlane, the missionary there, has
had to endure a good deal at their hands.
He has got a large house, with a fine
wide verandah all round. And it is not
dangerous to walk there after sunset, as it
is on Efaté. - The house is all built of stone
+ lime; the roof is of thatch - one part of it,
however, is galvanised iron sheeting. - He has
about 20 young men attending his [xx Institution]
for the training of teachers. The Lifuans are
quite a superior race to the Efatese. The
Efatese are a languid pithless people; the
Lifuans are smart + active, with intelligent
looking countenances. -

We spent a night on shore + were very
happy -

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