Coshletters 0050


Gordon on the island of Espiritu Santo
for a few months. - She left this
island yesterday for that purpose. I
wish the Santo Savages much joy
over the arrival of their friend. He
proposes to live among them - in
a tent, or on a tree, or under his
whaleboat - till the month of
November, when the "DS." is again to
go north for him + bring him to
Eromanga for the summer. - If he
manages to live at peace with them
till then, it is more than he has
ever done anywhere else. "His words
are softer than oil, yet are they drawn
swords" - He is the [xx first] genuine,
thoroughly perfect specimen, of the
Pharisee that I have met in all
my travels. If his brain is not
turned, i.e. if he still knows
what he says + does, I have no

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