Coshletters 0055


teacher - They are fast wedded to their
superstitions; their sacred men keep
them in constant terror of some, un
-seen evil spirit or other. - They have
a tradition that their ancestors came
hither from some other land, + they
showed me a piece of the canoe in
wh. they came - This is true I have
no doubt: for they are not so dark
coloured as the Efatese + their language
is akin to that of some of the Eastern
Isles - It is quite different fm. the
language of Efaté - But they all un
-derstand the Efatese quite well. - A
good number of them have the swag
-ger + bounce of the low bred white men
that frequent these seas - but they
are not so bad in this respect as
the Efil people. -

They say that a white man has been
put down on Efil recently to make
cocoa nut oil: but as there are no

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