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Man, his Relationships, etc.
Aunt Kungala
Baby Jimbamurda
Blackfellow Mulba
Blackwoman Jenga (young woman)
Boy Gumbai
Brother Babba, bò„-a (oldest and youngest)
Father Ngowungoo
Father-in-law Rumbur ngarree
Grandfather Kammeeda
Grandmother Kammeeda
Grandson Kammee
Husband Ngoomburna
Man Boonungullee mulba
Mother Beebee, nga maia
Mother-in-law Jeegal, malle
Nephew Mammawa
Sister Ngoonoo
Sister-in-law Mandeeree
Son-in-law Rumbur, ngarla
Uncle Nyaanyee
White man or woman Moondungur
Widow, widower Waioo

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