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General Vocabulary (cont.)
West Kunningberra
Yes Eeja
Asleep, He Is Mgoorlnaee ngarrinee
Bad, That is very Yoolgooroo
Brother, He is my Munna ngarraga
Bury him DhirriM burra
Come here Mara burra
Country, Where is your? Wanja nyoonung ngoorra
Dead, He is Mulba goonga (man dead)
Doing, What are you? flyarra wa yanna
Father, He is my Mgow ngunninga ngowingoo
Fire, MaJce a Warroo meela mulla
Fire, Make, by friction Warroo woongala
Friend, I am your Ngajiee nyoonunga Aeemarree
Get axong Yarra
Get up Geej barra
Give me, give it to me Yoonga
Go away Wert burra
Going away, 1 am hgajjee yanna
Gone, They have hyow murbee yanna
Good, That is no Uurnin gooling
Good, That is very Kitta
Go auickly Yangoolee boogalgarra
Go quietly Yarrooroo yangoolee
Go, You flyoonda yango
Husband, Is that your? Kya nyoonongun ngoomburaa
Killed, Who has, him? Ngandoo goo beenya
Know, I do not Ngajjoo waggoo oinarree
Hotner, She is a$ Ngaa ngaming nga mala
llotuer-in-law, She is my Jeegal
Hame, What is your? Nanna ylnda
Natives, Where are tne? Winyara mulba
What is it7 Byamba nyoono.ee yanna, waajara nyoondee
You and I figallee. yanna

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