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1. Native modes of burial in district?
Young people are buried in trees, old people in ground. Where the bones are placed under rocks, etc, all these resting places are Jeegal (forbidden ground.)
2. Names of weapons, implements and domestic utensils in district? Tchandee, chisel
Nowloo, club
Jinnal, spear
Ngowaia, spearthrower
3. Carvings and paintings on rocks or in caves (if any)?
Manjee = paintings
4. Extent of tribal country?
About 130 miles along the Fitzroy.
5. Native names of tribes in district?
Warree ngarree
6. Do the tribes meet at any distant places for exchange or barter?
Yes. Meenin = exchange.
7. Native belief in ghosts, or a future state?
Jooarree - dead man's spirit
Jamba = bush spirit, spirit of the ligntning
8. What belief have the natives in witchcraft, sorcery?
Jaingangooroo = see in day time only, not so good as Mummara - sleep and go away from their bodies. 1

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