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Forwarded letter to the Sheriff requesting the propriety of getting William [indecipherable] with the Benevolent Asylum.

A very heavy fall of rain attended with thunder and lightening.

It is no wonder that the Good men of this town should earnestly strive to conquer [indecipherable] when a moment's reflection, makes the existing caused by it so hideously palpable. Scarse as day paper but I have some poor wretch or other bought me suffering from the "Horrors" or Delirium [indecipherable] . The fairness of these men are sometimes Horrible, one to day (a wealthy Digger too for the Police have deposted with [indecipherable] value of more than a [pound symbol] 100 Sterling) beieve the whole town to be in conspiracy to poison him, and in consequence grew so frightened that he gave himself up to the Police for Protection.

I called this evening to [indecipherable] Lotherington and heard from him that Emma had been in town and caght in the rain had to stop 2 hours on the Arcade. It makes one happy to notice how proud of and how kind too he is to Emma.

I met Mr Neale, the Adventuring Realist of this town at [indecipherable] concert Room and bought him home to smoke a cigar. He talks of [Leith] and peace of Leith new pieces and minded pieces [indecipherable] after the [indecipherable] a grocer would discover of as much tea and so many eggs.

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