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1855 ...18 THURSDAY [18-317]... 1st Month Jaunary [18]

Availed myself of Mr Dentist Hearle
by calling and having a tooth stopped
shown all kinds of ingenious devices for
cheting nature, and patching the mouths
of poor humanity

Another sad instance of the
fearful effects of intemperance. A poor [indecipherable]
chum, well educated and at home well
committed. He is violently mad with
a taste for theatricals, he now indulges himself
with ranting most prodigious. In a solitary
cell with a straight [illegible] confining
his limbs he dolefully proclaims "that Britons
never will be slaves" Alas no Czar ever
held dominion over so many abject-[Bondsmen?]
as Bacchus.

Your [illegible] letter to the Colonial Secretary
asking for "Authority" to forward the above to the
Lunatic Asylum

Called upon Mr Read the Architect, a
clever man in his Profession but addicted
to the [violin?] which doubles my want of
[larte?] makes me fail to appreciate.
Took a walk through the arcade with the
purpose of nodding to a rather interesting
damsil. dare not do more, nod graciously

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