Coshletters a 0029


men of his stamp were "the excellent
of the earth". They were clever +
brilliant + unrestrained + free!
You will find many such in
Glasgow - Take care, I beseech
you, that you measure them
truly: + never listen to them when
they scoff at men + things that
are plan + decent + good. A
single grain of moral worth is
of greater value far than tons
of intellectual profundity or clever
-ness. - All is not gold that
glitters - beware of the gilding
of things; look into the heart of
things as well as into the heart
of men: and have nothing to do
with hollowness or corruption, -
Don't be led away by names -
All religion is not [xx cant]; every
effort to walk uprightly is not
hypocrisy - the church is not
the rendezvous of stupid men

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