Coshletters a 0035

immediately after breakfast – I left
my wife + son + house in charge
of Matthew, + in order to make
sure that he wd not leave the
premises during my absence I
set him to kill a pig. The pick
-ings attending such a business are
a powerful attraction to natives,
who are all great lovers of pork.
[xx Nell], Nasei + l set off to see
Mr Morrison, who, we had heard,
was ill. – Masei had his spear +
he carried my bag – containing
my coat + vest + collar + a dry
shirt – over his shoulder. - He pushed
on thro' the scrub, + along the
sandy beach - I all the time
thinking of home + its beauties +
its charms, + contrasting them with
the luxuriant extravagance of
this uninteresting tangle. He

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amit german

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