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Sussex St South Brisbane April 23 1893

A.G Howitt Esq.

Dear Sir After manifold troubles, tossing on stormy seas, through 3 or 4 months of [unclear] I am at last composed enough to write to you and express my earnest regret for being deprived of a chance to spend an hour or two with you on our favourite subject. Doubtless Purcell has said many unkind things of me. Ah well, had I never seen him I would have been at least a couple of thousand pounds better, I bear saved a heap of misery that no money could represent

Some were doubtless amused at his lectures. Twelve months ago he was profoundly ignorant of Australian ethnology & what he knows how was obtained from my lectures, the works of Carr, Brough Smyth & Dawson loaned from me. I do not think he had seen [unclear] work on the Central Australian tribes. Many of his statements as I'm doubtless conjectured were pure fiction. He is a shameless liar. Had I left him in the Brisbane jail from whence I liberated him on the 2[unclear] of December last, & became [unclear] one of his boundsmen to enable him to leave Queensland. The aboriginals & I would now be in London & all well. I paid all the costs of the affair

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2 up to leaving Melbourne, a total of [pound sign]1230, & paid Purcell's board & expenses for 13 months besides In his schedule he put me as a creditor for [pound sign] 67 whereas he owed me about [pound sign] 200. From the start, after signing the deed of partnership he proceeded systematically to disgust me with the whole business to induce me to sell out or go out He succeeded. But pardon me this little set off to the lies he must have told in Melbourne about me.

M[unclear] a M[unclear]? I have read a [?] paper on the Central Australian tribes, an interesting & valuable contribution to the literature of the fascinating subject. By the way that book[?] you kindly gave me was stolen from the hotel or from the railway carriage. I wrote to the hotel & the railway authorities with no result. It was a severe disappointment.

Re the class names in the tribe on which I was initiated- My father would be "Bunda" my mother Banjoorean. My children would be "Turcohine" [?]. The girls would marry "Barrang", the boys "Barranggin" My boys children would be "Barrang". Boys & girls could also marry "Buntaggan". This was the "[?]oudoobarrie" tribe [speaking?] the "Nhulla"[?] dialect negative"g[?]"

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3 189 In the "Coonool. Caba'lchoo" tribe. negative "Janderr" ^ dialect "Coobenpil" & "gooin" My father was "Bumtay" - my mother "Cheranggau" The boys would be Banjooroo The girls would be Banjoorean The girls would marry Barrang The boys would marry Barranggin

In the "

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The famous "Calcadoon" tribe (McKinlay Ranges) is named from "Calcadoon" the "indecipherable" "indecipherable" ("indecipherable" "indecipherable") How deplorably little we know of those far north west tribes

With best wishes and kindest remembrance

Sincerely yours

A Merton

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