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SECTION XII LANGUAGE: GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARIES Names given are of natives from which vocabularies were obtained. Part 2. E. 3. Northwestern District Majjeree of Fitzroy. Folio 53/1-12

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NATIVE VOCABULARY Compiled by MAJJEREE, m. Of Fitzroy River (Telegraph Station) FITZROY Magisterial District

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Man, his Relationships, etc. Aunt Kungala Baby Jimbamurda Blackfellow Mulba Blackwoman Jenga (young woman) Boy Gumbai Brother Babba, bò„-a (oldest and youngest) Father Ngowungoo Father-in-law Rumbur ngarree Grandfather Kammeeda Grandmother Kammeeda Grandson Kammee Husband Ngoomburna Man Boonungullee mulba Mother Beebee, nga maia Mother-in-law Jeegal, malle Nephew Mammawa Sister Ngoonoo Sister-in-law Mandeeree Son-in-law Rumbur, ngarla Uncle Nyaanyee White man or woman Moondungur Widow, widower Waioo

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PARTS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE BODY Ankle Pootoo Arm Moona Back Nara Beard Narnga ? Blood Marda, warrba Bone Koojee Breast, breasts Kommoo Calf of leg Boolya Cheek Nyeerelee Chest Munga Cry, to Warree Drink, to Ngalgoo Ear Manga Eat, to Ngalgoo Elbow Joongoo Eyebrow Wanberr Eye Melwa Fat Tchingai Foot Jinna Hair Embara Hand Marla Head Toonoo Heart Koordoodoo Heel Lingala Hip bone Manba goojee Kidney Wilmuree Knee Kimmona Leg Gilalba, ballaearree Mouth Taa Neck Woongarra Nose Jeerjee Rib Walloomboo Skin Wongarree Sleep Ngarree; cannot sleep = nyillimba

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