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Purchased this diary for which I paid 10/ and considered reasonable, it being but 50 per cent over the home cost. Went to main gaol to hear tidings of the State Prisoners charged with treason in taking arms against the Government at Balaarat, the Judge remanded them for 10 days, stating that being charged with High treason, they were entitled to that term of clear notice with copies of their indictments from the (Timing of the Lepions), Mr Irelands the Counsel for the Defence, stated he was prepared to

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Forwarded letter to the Sheriff requesting the propriety of getting William [indecipherable] with the Benevolent Asylum.

A very heavy fall of rain attended with thunder and lightening.

It is no wonder that the Good men of this town should earnestly strive to conquer [indecipherable] when a moment's reflection, makes the existing caused by it so hideously palpable. Scarse as day paper but I have some poor wretch or other bought me suffering from the "Horrors" or Delirium [indecipherable] . The fairness of these men are sometimes Horrible, one to day (a wealthy Digger too for the Police have deposted with [indecipherable] value of more than a [pound symbol] 100 Sterling) beieve the whole town to be in conspiracy to poison him, and in consequence grew so frightened that he gave himself up to the Police for Protection.

I called this evening to [indecipherable] Lotherington and heard from him that Emma had been in town and caght in the rain had to stop 2 hours on the Arcade. It makes one happy to notice how proud of and how kind too he is to Emma.

I met Mr Neale, the Adventuring Realist of this town at [indecipherable] concert Room and bought him home to smoke a cigar. He talks of [Leith] and peace of Leith new pieces and minded pieces [indecipherable] after the [indecipherable] a grocer would discover of as much tea and so many eggs.

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1855 ...18 THURSDAY [18-317]... 1st Month Jaunary [18]

Availed myself of Mr Dentist Hearle by calling and having a tooth stopped shown all kinds of ingenious devices for cheting nature, and patching the mouths of poor humanity

Another sad instance of the fearful effects of intemperance. A poor [indecipherable] chum, well educated and at home well committed. He is violently mad with a taste for theatricals, he now indulges himself with ranting most prodigious. In a solitary cell with a straight [illegible] confining his limbs he dolefully proclaims "that Britons never will be slaves" Alas no Czar ever held dominion over so many abject-[Bondsmen?] as Bacchus.

Your [illegible] letter to the Colonial Secretary asking for "Authority" to forward the above to the Lunatic Asylum

Called upon Mr Read the Architect, a clever man in his Profession but addicted to the [violin?] which doubles my want of [larte?] makes me fail to appreciate. Took a walk through the arcade with the purpose of nodding to a rather interesting damsil. dare not do more, nod graciously returned.

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